From December 2016’s Friday the 13th Demo teaching at Grade 6 Marangal of ITL. 


Mundane rainy Thursday

​2016 Sept 27, Thursday
Today’s weather is dull and to top it off, it’s raining. I started watching this western series about a female teacher who moved in with three guys in an apartment. It’s comedy and i wasn’t able to sleep becaue of this (haha).

6:30 the train from B station just departed…I feel sleepy listening to PNE (gitara is playing as i write/type this).

6:31 nice that was pretty fast. I’m now at the second station.

I’m wearing a second layer because it was cold earlier, but ugh it’s getting warmer now and I can’t decide whether to take this off or go to univ with this……im too lazy to take it off.

i’m kinda getting nauseated because of breakfast….sucks.

6:33 reached fourth station. three more to go(!)

6:44 at my stop; I’m getting off now~

7:02 @ pnu

9:49 Effortlessly sitting on the floor with the fam (gosh idk what to call my clique) writing our assignment for our P-ENG 07 aahhh nakaantok naman ~(u.u~)

4:31 waiting for B at the station (we’ll
go home together) 

and then there were none

09202016 Today has been a loooooong day.Started my day early to fix my enrollment issues (grade deficiency). Waited in line for an hour, walked here and fro, spent $$$ , and wasted time and effort, only to be indirectly told that all that were futile and for nothing. 

I have never hated my univ so much as i have hated it earlier. literally smh…

Everything was foiled — my plans for the day, my vibe, and ta-packing-da~ my second term~~~ my tears didnt roll because i was sad or anything synonymous to that, nope. I was really mad and frustrated mainly because everyone and everything condensed as a general was being such an arse!!! 

u.u an hour before our designated parting time, i arrived at his place. I told him about my day, how what will happen to me, etc etc basically uttered rants nonstop and questions what to do next, what step to take, or what lie to fabricate…..i felt fine afterwards. 
i now begrudgingly accept whatever the universe conspires me to do. i care no more;come what may. 

S Litt 06

The Neoclassical Age text: an analysis

I. Intro w/ thesis statement

II. Analysis

  • Poems: Donne’s sonnet X, To the virgins, On the loving two equally
  • Novels: Gulliver’s travel, Robinson Crusoe, Jane Austen 
  • Drama: She stoops to conquer
  • Essays: A modest proposal, A vindication of the rights of woman

III. Conclusion

yoko na 

Hours before our demo, i was thinking that we could do it, that we,  or i, would be doing great this time (after several subtle belittling) and hours after this photo was taken, it had hit us (or me) that what we did wasn’t great for them, even though for us, it was….and that just sucks! It sucks bigtime, i felt frustrated and furious at the same time (not at ourselves) but yep sometimes some people are really just hateful lol a lot of things and individuals just have to have my hatred lmao what a joke