It’s mid-August and we’re all busy (or just frantically cramming). 

Ubos sa oras pero apaw sa gawain

For our English Litt.,we are to have a play production of Shakespeare’s Othello by the end of the term as a partial requirement. Hamlet and Othello among the many others were the two plays the class were choosing from (to perform) and because half the class wanted to perform an R-18 (tch), Othello won the votation. 

If it happened to be A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I would have been glad to help RR as a playwright, but since it wasn’t, I told RR that I wouldn’t be able to help her write because of selfish reasons: I don’t like nor understand Othello. 

I wasnt part of the research committe anymore nor am i a playwright. I also didnt join the props committe because i felt like they were already overcrowded. Hence I joined the technical committee because that’s the last thing I thought I’ll be able to contribute to, but then asdghj but then AL can already manage even without me in the committe… I feel like I’m an excess, a freeloader and I feel like i’m not of any help to anyone or to anything in this production. I could have had a part if I helped in the script writing but hmmmmm idk. To sum, I feel lost because I don’t really know what to do/what and how to contribute! And even when I do things, it won’t suffice! I feel stuck even when I’m in motion! Haha. 

Sigh anyway, I hope we’ll be as productive and successful as how we did last ASEAN (if not better)