Nothing much happened today……not! First things first i am soooooo tired, exhausted! I forgot to have my breakfast earlier so i was near passing out (exagge) when we went to divi to buy materials for our demo teaching this monday sept 5. A, K, S, and I went on to buy materials we will use for our visuals aids  and some random stuff that caught our eyes as we wander the shopping destination (e.g lemon and make up). By 10:30, we were back at PNU initially for attendance but guess what, we participated in the event actvities to celebrate our foundations! It was fun, really. Fun, and exhausting because we had to walk and walk and walk and walk. 

Anyway, i feel happy that i was productive today: 

1. lesson plan is half finished

2. activities! 

3. buy materials 

4. found a piece i’d weae for demo

5. friday is isaw day haha

Now i just feel sleepy as i lie and type this (while R keeps on bombardin me with messages that someone at pnu right now resembles Buddy Z. a lot. (R, and A didnt go home yet because they wanted to watch performances of some bands. cool) 
As much as I’d like to sleep now, i cant bring to close my eyes peacefully because there are still requirements to do!