​2016 Sept 27, Thursday
Today’s weather is dull and to top it off, it’s raining. I started watching this western series about a female teacher who moved in with three guys in an apartment. It’s comedy and i wasn’t able to sleep becaue of this (haha).

6:30 the train from B station just departed…I feel sleepy listening to PNE (gitara is playing as i write/type this).

6:31 nice that was pretty fast. I’m now at the second station.

I’m wearing a second layer because it was cold earlier, but ugh it’s getting warmer now and I can’t decide whether to take this off or go to univ with this……im too lazy to take it off.

i’m kinda getting nauseated because of breakfast….sucks.

6:33 reached fourth station. three more to go(!)

6:44 at my stop; I’m getting off now~

7:02 @ pnu

9:49 Effortlessly sitting on the floor with the fam (gosh idk what to call my clique) writing our assignment for our P-ENG 07 aahhh nakaantok naman ~(u.u~)

4:31 waiting for B at the station (we’ll
go home together)